[fdo-internals] UTF 8

Haris Kurtagic haris at sl-king.com
Sat Nov 6 09:42:30 EDT 2010


I would like to add support for UTF8 into FDO.
Before writing RFC for it, I would like to discuss it with others.

Primary goal of RFC would be to be able to get UTF8 strings from FDO.
Right now there are data sources which stores their string as UTF8 (
sqlite, sdf , ..). Providers are converting them into wide char in fdo
readers function GetString.
If application would want to use utf8 , it would need to convert from
wide to utf8. For some data sources it means twice a conversion from
utf8 -> wide -> utf8.

One solution would be to add "const char* GetStringUtf8" to reader.
Function could have default implemented in default reader (as it is
done for property index access ) and would convert from current wide
char to utf8.
So, nothing would change for existing providers. Providers which have
utf8 as native would then implement this function to gain speed.


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