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Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Fri Oct 29 16:28:37 EDT 2010

Well, as for MITAB, I too am in favor of a non-fork strategy. I would like to see the code moved back to the original repository. Maybe a further discussion could be undertaken by the members of the FDO community on how that can be accomplished. 

As for the code developed for the mapinfo provider, it was developed by Leaf and Alex, and did not correspond to an Autodesk high-level initiative. Of course now that it is developed, Autodesk folks are interested in using it, which makes a lot of sense from a business perspective. However, that interest does not mean that the community cannot have a discussion or input on how to best 'open-source' the code, including the MITAB pieces. If the community does not like the proposed approach, then the inclusion of a forked MITAB code stream into the FDO code base can be deferred or reworked whereby the code is managed in a better way. I only speak for myself here, but I am open to exploring other options. 

That being said, whatever options are proposed needs to have a realistic chance of funding, support and maintenance going forward. Autodesk has, and is currently providing support and funding in areas where it feels it gets value for its money, In doing so it supports maintenance of fdo and the current list of providers, builds, defect fixes, etc. The King organization does the same. I would like to see more individuals and organizations advocate for their interests as well, fund appropriately, and champion their requirements and needs in a similar manner. 

Just my 2cents....


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Greg Boone wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> Sorry to see that you will no longer be able to participate in the PSC.
> Thanks you for all your effort the last few years. It has been of great
> help, and was much appreciated.
> Regarding the 'philosophical differences with regard to project
> collaboration', maybe you could elaborate on this point further to help us
> understand your perspective?


I suppose primarily I was disappointed that so much work forked off on the
mapinfo driver without regard to collaboration with the MITAB developers
or GDAL/OGR developers.  But there have been other situation in which it
seems that "getting something done now for Autodesk" overrides cooperation.
If I had more time and energy I might try and help make that cooperation

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