[fdo-internals] Re: SQL Spatial Server enhancement

Romica Dascalescu Romica.Dascalescu at autodesk.com
Thu Apr 28 07:53:50 EDT 2011

Hi Gabriele,

I'm not sure what you mean by FDO Providers in context of SQL Spatial Server provider. I was referring to SQL Spatial Server provider only.
SQL Spatial Server provider code has a common part with other providers which still can be built on Linux (e.g. MySQL provider still can be built and used on Linux) and a Specific part which can be built only on Windows.
That's why you can build and use SQL Spatial Server provider only on Windows.

Sure you can build and use SQL Spatial Server provider on Linux if you can find a driver which fits all requirements of the provider related to the driver.

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Hi all,

> SQL Spatial Server is built and use on Windows only. Microsoft tools/applications do not like Linux too much :)

probably I'm missing some obvious point.
SQL Server is surely on Windows but FDO Providers can be used on Linux
(e.g. in MapGuide Open Source).

Is FDO SQL Server provider already Windows only (can be used only in
FDO for Windows) or it will become imposing to use SQL Server Native


Gabriele Monfardini
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