[fdo-internals] FDO Linux 64 Build

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Wed Oct 9 15:48:05 PDT 2013

Hi Jackie,

Linux x64 Status:

FDO API:      OK
SDF:          OK
SQLite:       OK
GDAL:         OK
WFS:          OK
WMS:          OK
MySQL:        OK. (1 of 238 tests fail. Failure seems to be non-critical. See below)
SHP:          FAIL: ~11 index cases failing. As initially reposted. Failure critical. See below.
ODBC-MySQL:   FAIL: Segmentation Violation in "OdbcMySqlFdoInsertTest.insert()."
PostGIS:      FAIL: "RDBMS: [PGRES_FATAL_ERROR] ERROR:  value "xxxx" is out of range for type smallint." Tested against Postgresql Server 8.4 and 9.2.
ODBC-Oracle:  TDB: Test environment not yet setup

Test Failure Summaries:



Test name: 19MySqlSchemaMgrTests.testWideConstraint
pkeyClause == expectedClause

Description of Test:

Tests the creating of unique constraints that are too large for MySQL. Verifies that the MySQL provider properly truncates constraint columns to get the total size within the maximum allowed.

Check that Fails:

Verify that blob column got truncated to expected amount (1000 - total size of other columns).


Test name: 11SchemaTests.destroy_schema
File '../../TestData/Testing/Test1.idx' I/O error in context 'ShpSpatialIndex::ReadNode(ReadBuffer)': ù£§

Test name: 18SpatialFilterTests.EnvelopeIntersects
File '../../TestData/Ontario/roads.idx' I/O error in context 'ShpSpatialIndex::ReadNode(ReadBuffer)':

Test name: 18SpatialFilterTests.PerformanceTests_Roads
File '../../TestData/Ontario/roads.idx' I/O error in context 'ShpSpatialIndex::ReadNode(ReadBuffer)':

Test name: 13FidelityTests.nanboku
File '../../TestData/Testing/Test.idx' I/O error in context 'ShpSpatialIndex::ReadNode(ReadBuffer)':

Test name: 25FdoExpressionFunctionTest.RunAllExpFctTests
setUp() failed

Test name: 10IndexTests.populatemin x bad

Test name: 10IndexTests.query
caught unknown exception

Test name: 10IndexTests.check_zmin x bad

Test name: 10IndexTests.check_limits
limits not correct

Test name: 10IndexTests.check_remove
limits not correct

Test name: 10IndexTests.check_defragment
limits not correct


Schema XXXX has errors; cannot apply it
RDBMS: [PGRES_FATAL_ERROR] ERROR:  value "139934329470977" is out of range for type smallint

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Hi Greg,

Is this work completed? Is trunk ready for 64-bit action on Linux?

- Jackie


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