[fdo-internals] Migrating to Git from Subversion

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Tue May 26 05:11:34 PDT 2020

Hi Martin-Louis, Jackie,

Why don't you just file a ticket for this request at 
https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo  to include the repository inside 
https://github.com/OSGeo as you mentioned.  Use the "Systems Admin" 
component on the ticket.  It can't hurt to try.


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

On 2020-05-26 8:47 a.m., Jackie Ng wrote:
> Hello Martin-Louis,
> I'm cross-posting this to multiple mailing lists, hope this discussion 
> doesn't explode into spaghetti!!
> There is no official git mirror. Un-officially, I have made some 
> attempts to create git mirrors:
> https://github.com/jumpinjackie/cs-map
> https://github.com/jumpinjackie/fdo
> https://github.com/jumpinjackie/mapguide
> https://github.com/jumpinjackie/fusion
> But these repos are many months out of sync as I've stopped my personal 
> AWS EC2 instance that was doing the mirroring.
> The problem with git mirroring right now is:
>   1. MapGuide has svn:external links to CS-Map and Fusion repos. If we 
> mirror MapGuide to git, we have to mirror CS-Map and Fusion to git as 
> well at a bare minimum and translate svn:external references to their 
> git equivalents (submodules?)
>      1.1. CS-Map has really large dictionary data files that break 
> github's repo file limits forcing me to use git-lfs for storing these 
> files. But git-lfs storage is a severely restricted service on GitHub's 
> free tier. Last I checked, I used up my free tier git-lfs quota just 
> doing a single force push of this repository!
>      1.2. Git submodules are hell in my personal experience, but not 
> using submodules require developers having to set up CS-Map and Fusion 
> source trees manually within MapGuide's source tree.
>   2. I have not been successful in coming up with a svn -> git 
> conversion scheme that allows commits or merged PRs in github to easily 
> flow back into SVN. This is probably because I've been cleaning out 
> historical baggage (eg. Commits of source/binary tarballs in 
> LinuxApt/Installer) as part of the svn -> git conversion process with 
> bfg repo cleaner so a git clone is not so bloated. But even on pristine 
> converted git repos I could not succesfully get git commits to flow back 
> to its svn counterpart.
> Now suppose we give up the notion of trying to have a bidirectional svn 
> <-> git mirror and just bite the bullet and do a full blown one-way 
> migration (leaving the svn repos behind, and not have to worry about #2 
> above). Then the problems become project management related.
>   a) You preferably want buy-in from all PSCs involved in this one-way 
> migration, otherwise you're having to setup up and maintain 
> "un-official" git mirrors of all MapGuide upstream repos.
>   b) For FDO particularly, I know Autodesk keeps maintaining a 4.2 
> commercial branch that I like to selectively merge useful commits from 
> into OS trunk and other OS branches on a semi-regular basis. One-way 
> migrating FDO to git would need Autodesk buy-in to continue their 
> maintenance on the migrated git repository.
>   c) For CS-Map particularly, the dictionary file size limitations have 
> to be addressed. Preferably in a way that does not involve a paid 
> git-lfs storage plan.
>   d) There's organizational questions around whether these migrated 
> repos should fall under the OSGeo github org or another github org.
>   e) There's also setup/integration questions around OSGeo CLAs in these 
> repos as being an OSGeo project, we could not accept external pull 
> requests without confirmation (strongly-and-preferably automated) that 
> the submitter has signed and submitted an OSGeo CLA
> Pardon the preceding wall of text, I had thoughts about git migration 
> brewing in my mind for a while but had not put anything to words since 
> nobody else had posed the git migration question until now.
> Since you are also from Autodesk, it would probably be more effective to 
> for you to start this conversation with your colleagues who still commit 
> changes to these various projects "from within" to seek some consensus 
> from the Autodesk side as to whether it is worth moving to github in 
> addition to addressing some/all of the points I've raised. I wouldn't 
> want to go all-in on a one-way git migration only to find Autodesk still 
> making commits to the original SVN repos afterwards.
> - Jackie
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> http://themapguyde.blogspot.com
>     Hi!
>     Is there a Git mirror for the MapGuide repo in Subversion athttps://svn.osgeo.org/?  It would be great if this repository was onhttps://github.com/OSGeo,  for instance.
>     Martin-Louis Bright
>     Senior Software Engineer
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