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#418: IConnectionPropertyDictionary IsConnectedProperty
   Reporter:  jng          |       Owner:  gregboone
       Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new      
   Priority:  major        |   Milestone:           
  Component:  FDO API      |     Version:  3.2.0    
   Severity:  3            |    Keywords:           
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 When enumerating a connection property dictionary of a rdbms-based
 provider, exceptions are thrown when attempting to enumerate a property
 that is not available until a connection is opened. (eg. DataStore for
 MySQL provider)

 I am guessing this is expected behaviour (no problems there), but there
 should be a method on the connection dictionary to determine if a given
 connection property requires the connection to be open or not.

 In my generic connection dialog for FDO Toolbox, I currently have to
 suppress any thrown exceptions and store the names (of the properties that
 threw exceptions) to re-inspect again (and re-prompt the user) once the
 connection has been opened (connection state moved from pending to open).
 This is quite cumbersome.

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