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#437: Georaster Oracle 11g support in FDO
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 The KingOracle data provider does not support Oracle GeoRaster as I can
 see from here:

 But I believe you can access GeoRaster on FDO through the GDAL data
 provider, as long as you have compiled GDAL with Oracle support or if you
 have a GDAL plugin for GeoRaster installed (on Windows that will be
 "gdal_GEOR.dll" or linux, "gdal_GEOR.so").

 If you have that, you can read a GeoRaster by passing the GDAL/GeoRaster
 identification string and you can write the same way (if you can pass
 create-options to the GDAL driver, that will work better).

 More about GDAL and GeoRaster: [http://www.gdal.org/frmt_georaster.html]

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