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Keith Thomson keith.thomson at
Wed Aug 30 12:36:19 EDT 2006

I hope this is a suitable place for me to ask a few questions on the FDO 

I have successfully built a test application against version 2.0 of the 
FDO.  I obtained this by downloading the SDK from the autodesk website.

We would really like to be using version 3.1 of the FDO interface so we 
can use the latest providers.  There is no SDK for this version 
available so it seems I have to build the FDO from the sources (unless I 
can obtain lib and dll files from somewhere?).

We have built a machine with Visual Studio 2005 express and have also 
installed the Platform SDK.  On this machine I have managed to build the 
FDO (the libs and dlls for Fdo, FdoMessage, GisCommon, GisGeometry and 

I am having trouble using those dlls on other machines (which do not 
have visual studio 2005) due to the FDO dlls trying to load the 
Microsoft C Runtime libraries, but being unable to due to this new 
manifest/side by side technology.

I was wondering if you have any advice on how we can get a suitable set 
of dll and libs to work??


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