[fdo-users] arcsde 9.2 support

Brad Nesom bnesom at acogok.org
Tue Feb 27 13:59:32 EST 2007

Thanks Robert,
  As a side note. I have been successful using the fdo that is in map 2007
cots connecting to arcsde 9.2. At least as far as connecting and graphic
display. I have noticed that the only thing I have found to not work is the
text fields do not display in the data grid. All number fields display
I would be interested toknow when 9.2 support is coded.
Also any instructions on updating (if planned) map 2007 sp1 fdo.
No.  Not yet.  It still use the 9.1 client component which can only
connect to 9.1 server.
We investigated supporting the 9.2 (which required some minor changes)
but didn't get to drop that code yet.


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