[fdo-users] SHP modifications issue

Ytse bill_gfr at yahoo.fr
Tue Jan 16 03:56:26 EST 2007

I'm using FDO 3.0 to modify (insert/update/delete) an
Everything's fine, I can read/write the SHP as I want
My issue occurs when I try to read the SHP using
either ArcView or Mapguide viewer, they are able to
display deleted objects or won't diplay newly added
If I edirt the DBF file I can actually see that my
deleted objects are still within, tagged by a "*"

Am I missing a step, like a "save" (commit?) command ?

Note that I'm not using fdo transactions (not an SHP

I'm really stuck and don't understand what's
happening, I'm really requiring your help here as
that's quite urgent, I have to present a beta version
of my current work this week and that's the only
remaining trouble :((

Bye & thx in advance


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