[fdo-users] SHP modifications issue

Robert Fortin robert.fortin at autodesk.com
Tue Jan 16 11:29:09 EST 2007

There was an issue in 3.0 with deleted feature.  The feature were only tagged as deleted and never removed from the shp/dbf file. This mean they were initially visible in ArcView until you did a refresh in which case they would be made invisible (but still present in the files).  

We fixed this in 3.1. The deleted feature will only be tagged as deleted until the connection is released at which point they will get removed from the dbf and shp file.


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I'm using FDO 3.0 to modify (insert/update/delete) an SHP.
Everything's fine, I can read/write the SHP as I want to.
My issue occurs when I try to read the SHP using either ArcView or Mapguide viewer, they are able to display deleted objects or won't diplay newly added objects.
If I edirt the DBF file I can actually see that my deleted objects are still within, tagged by a "*"

Am I missing a step, like a "save" (commit?) command ?

Note that I'm not using fdo transactions (not an SHP

I'm really stuck and don't understand what's happening, I'm really requiring your help here as that's quite urgent, I have to present a beta version of my current work this week and that's the only remaining trouble :((

Bye & thx in advance


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