[fdo-users] SHP modifications issue

Robert Fortin robert.fortin at autodesk.com
Mon Jan 22 14:48:06 EST 2007

It looks like MapGuide 6.5 and ArcView are not filtreing deleted record.  The DBF file has a flag to indicate that a record  has been deleted, if these application are not checking for this flag, this is when you will see more record than expected.  

What we noticed in the past is that on refresh, ArcView would actually look for the deleted record flag and erase objects from the display.  That's what you see on the 2nd issue after deleting record 8. The 1st record is probably marked as deleted when you begin. Now in ArcView when you delete the last record, it looks for delete record flag and remove not only the last record but the 1st one also.

The FDO SHP provider always look at the deleted record flag and therefore ignore deleted features.


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Hi everyone

I've integrated FDO 3.2 in my software and everything builds/runs fine now, but I still have issues with FDO.

I've decided to write a small C# piece of code that simply opens a connection, read a class and write its content (I've attached to this mail a zip file that contains the 3 files - dbf,shp,shx - for my shp source and the .cs file that reads the shp)

The first issue is quite simple : 
the shp contains 8 records (checked with Mapguide viewer 6.5 and ArcView 3.2) but the IReader sees only the records 2-8 (the first record from the file is ignored). 

Second issue :
I delete the last record that has been read, now ArcView only sees records 2-7 !! (8 has been deleted, that's correct, but what about the first ??)

I can only think of three possibilities :
- I'm doing something wrong
- there's a bug in FDO 3.2 SHPProvider
- the shp has an error (but considering that ArcView and Mapguide Viewer can detect all 8 records, I guess that's not the cause of the issue)

I'm desperately needing your help here (not even mentionning inserting data, I'll test this later).


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