[fdo-users] SHP modifications issue

Ytse bill_gfr at yahoo.fr
Tue Jan 23 10:12:45 EST 2007

A couple hours later, a couple additionnal news:
I've downloaded tons of SHP files on the web and I
have not been able to reproduce the "ignoring first
featId" error, but I've downloaded new SHP from the
public office that is my source (being the french
ministry for agriculture) and they still have the same

As both ArcView and Mapguide viewer are able to read
these files, I guess there must be a little something
that FDO can't notice regarding the SHP structure, if
anyone can try and have a look.

Now I also still have the logical deletion trouble
even with those shape files from internet, this issue
probably being related to a mystake in my code, if
anyone can help too (summary : the records are flaged
but not deleted)

I've attached a zip file containing my classes related
to FDO, if you're willing to have a look at it,
looking for a big mystake (this version includes the
forced call to .Flush())

Thank you all


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