[fdo-users] Runtime error to connect with PostGIS

Santiagos ssouto at udc.es
Tue Jul 3 10:15:51 EDT 2007


I'm trying to connect to PostGIS with fdo2fdo, but when I try to create a 
PostGIS connection I get the following error message:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library" "Runtime Error! "This application has 
requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way...."

I have read the messages in this list and I have done several changes in my 
- I have installed MS C++ Runtime SP1 (and reboot)
- I have put 3 dll's that Dependency Walker said to me were missing in the 
system32 windows folder.
- I have copied libpg.dll, libpg.lib and bin PostgreSQL folder in fdo2fdo 
- I have changed fdo2fdoconn.txt and providers.xml to include PostGIS 
connection. I added in fdo2fdoconn.txt:
  (Here I am not sure if syntax is correct)

After this, the error message is still the same so any help is appreciated.

My configuration is:
Windows XP SP2
Postgresql, PostGIS 0.9.1
fdopostgis r3171

We are using PostgreSQL with another program so we would prefer not to 
update PostgreSQL to a more recent version. If the problems were related to 
PostgreSQL or PostGIS version, how can we configure fdo with a more recent 
version without reinstalling PostgreSQL?

Thanks in advanced and best regards.

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