[fdo-users] Add FDO provider in Fdo2Fdo Application

Haris Kurtagic haris at sl-king.com
Wed Jul 4 09:43:52 EDT 2007

here you can download Fdo2Fdo which includes MySQL provider
(MySQLProvider.dll, MySQLOverrides.dll, RdbmsOverrides.dll,
RdbmsMsg.dll) and MySql client ( libmysql.dll 5.0.22 ).


I have tried it.
You can use it to query data from MySQL. However I had lot of issues I
had to resolve to copy SHP file data to MySQL:
1. I have created DataStore in MAP (Bulk Copy didn't work on my test SHP
file )
2. I changed spatil context name to Default
3. and with Fdo2Fdo SchemaManager I changed some data types. There are
many restrictions in MySQL provider schema like autogenerated couldn't
not be INT 32 and read only etc..

Eventually I copied one SHP file to MySQL.

I suppose to be really able to copy data to MySQL , it would required
more effort.


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Hi All,

I have fod2fdo provider and i want to make connection with MySQL couz
MySQL provider persent in Connection list, I already tryed for it, just
copied MySQLprovider.dll in Fdo2Fdo directory and change in provider.xml
when i open then i can see MySQL provider name FDO connection list only
not any other information in combo box and lower text box and when i
on test button then i get  Unable to create connection!. Pls help me.
Thankyou in Advance.

Dhirendra Kumar
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