[fdo-users] MGOS 1.2 with MRSid files

Jonathon McIntyre jm at pat.ca
Wed Jul 4 12:05:48 EDT 2007

Hi all,
As requested, I am documenting my experiences with the MrSid GDAL

I have been working fairly extensively on the MGOS 1.2 with MrSid images
and am having good success with the enhancements that Jason and Frank
(and I am sure others...thanks to you also if you are not mentioned)
have made to the GDAL provider to take into account the bounding boxes
of the images.  I have downloaded and installed the ECW and MrSid and
gdal providers from the gdal site. Applied the 1.2 gdal patch,
downloaded and installed the fdogdal.zip and the configbuilder from
Jason's site and configured as per the instructions on :


I implemented MGOS 1.2 at a client site with about 25 MrSid images
(totaling 1.5 GB...so about 30 GB of uncompressed images) and was
finding the vector/raster display of the whole site (so all images) was
taking about 3 seconds.  The server is nothing special, in fact, it is
running many other applications on it.

While my laptop is definitely slower, I can still display 29 MrSid
images (total 2.5 GB) in a reasonable time.

Kudos to those of you who have worked on this.  It is working very well.


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