[fdo-users] Compile problems, any ideas?

Gregor Mosheh gregor at hostgis.com
Wed Jul 11 13:32:26 EDT 2007

Traian Stanev wrote:
> Not sure. I personally haven't seen this exact problem before. Why do
> you think runConfigure is failing? File permission issue?

The failure mode of Xerces' runConfigure is that it just displays the 
usage message. And I know for a fact that "./runConfigure -p linux" or 
"./runConfigure -plinux" are proper calling syntaxes. My workaround is 
to call Xerces' ./configure instead, which properly detects the OS anyway.

I'm surprised that it worked for you. Perhaps I should take this to the 
FDO-internals mailing list for further discussion?

Gregor Mosheh / Greg Allensworth
System Administrator, HostGIS cartographic development & hosting services

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