[fdo-users] RE: Conditional "IF" in Expressions

Maksim Sestic max at geoinova.com
Wed Jul 18 10:17:47 EDT 2007

Hi Orest,

You're right, it returns different types depending on it's return parameters
(true and false parts). As a rule, both parameters (therefor function's
return value, too) must be of the same type, i.e.:

if(Road.Lanes>1,"Multiple lanes","Single lane")

Here, return value is String - so both params must conform to this rule.
This sort of conditional branching is quite useful when building label
expressions, here's an example:

- Parcel feature class has two data properties - Number and SubNumber (both
are strings)
- if there's subnumber set, then it should display "Number/SubNumber"
(notice slash sign inbetween)
- otherwise, it displays only "Number" part


This happens even more often when it comes to labeling infrastructure
entities, since it's labels depend on multiple states of a network element,

Certainly, labeling is not the only use of conditional branching of that
sort :-)

Maksim Sestic

Orest Halustchak wrote:
> Hi Maksim,
> This seems doable. It's similar to a null value function that some
> providers such as rdbms providers could support: nvl(a,b) which returns
> a if a is not null, otherwise b. In your case it's if(a,b,c) where a is
> boolean. This would need a number of signatures for different data types
> that it would return, e.g. int16 = if(boolean, int16, int16), but
> FdoFunctionDefinition can deal with it.
> The main concern that I would have about it is implementation in an
> efficient manner, although for rdbms providers, SQL includes a CASE
> expression that could be used.
> Thanks,
> Orest.
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> I was wondering if future versions of FDO will support conditional
> branching
> in Expressions (and Filtering) mechanism, i.e.:
> if(conditional_expression,true_part,false_part)
> if(Road.Lanes>1,"Multiple lanes","Single lane")
> also
> if(Road.Lanes>0,if(Road.Lanes>1,"Multiple lanes","Single lane"),"No
> lanes
> set")
> Useful link:
> http://www.codeplex.com/dotMath Steve Heberts dotMath library 
> Regards,
> Maksim Sestic
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