[fdo-users] King MS SQL Spatial performance problem

Haris Kurtagic haris at sl-king.com
Mon Jun 18 13:31:46 EDT 2007

Spatial filter was used but failed twice.
MapGuide is working by design that it will try to execute Envolept,
Intersect and then if both fails to run query without spatial filter.

Why Spatial Filter failed twice in your case I am not sure ( I have
tested again and it is working in my cases ).
I don't see "oid" column in select statement so I am quessing oid is not
in that table. As I see "id" column was recognized as identity column
for your class.
Identity property is set by IDENTITY column in table.

Can you check with Fdo2Fdo what is set as you identity column for your
FDO class ?
Perhaps you can send xml schema of class ( you can do it with Fdo2Fdo
also ), or if you extract some sample data and send it to me.
Have you created that table with Fdo2Fdo ?

One idea, perhaps you have two IDENTITY columns in table and that is
confusing provider.


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We tested SL King MS SQL Spatial FDO provider and we found bad
performance with large data. The problem is, there is no spatial filter
used for query data. We found by MS SQL Profiler there are query first
with filter and because there is bad result is query again without the
filter. There is bug in SQL query - I attached log from Profiler to show
it. There is: 
"INNER JOIN dbo.pokus AS a1 ON  sf1.id = a1.id" but "sf1.id" is wrong,
should be "sf1.oid". If it is true, is it possible to fix it?
	Thanks Jan 

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