[fdo-users] Weird issue

Ytse bill_gfr at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 2 12:55:58 EST 2007

Hi ereryone

I have a very strange behavior, I'm loosing the decimals (french ",") when reading doubles.

You'll find a zip file attached to this mail that contains a C# asp.net page that does the following :
- open an shp connection
- read the first feature of a file
- create a new feature class and apply changes (code taken from fdo managed unittests)
- reread the same first feature of the original file

If I only add the featId property (skipping others in debug mode) that's ok, but if I add any of the later properties, I loose all the decimals on the second reading session (see doc file in the zip with a screen capture)

I guess I'm doing something wrong but I don't have the slightiest idea of what's the problem

Help, I think that's actually the same source of my issue regarding the SHP file that can't be read in Mapguide.


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