[fdo-users] Requests for the FDO documents

Hidekazu Shimaji hshimaji at ybb.ne.jp
Sun Mar 4 03:19:07 EST 2007


I have some requests for improving the FDO documents as a .NET developer.

1.Please add a namespace descripton to each class. (Managed FDO API Reference)
Namespaces are important for .net programers.

2.Please add a description to the "Setup the Application Development Environment" 
for C# or VB programes. (The Essential FDO)
It is difficult for beginners to find "mgfdo.dll" to refer.

3.Please make the FDO API Reference downloadable, or installable with the MapGuide.
This makes us work efficiently.

I hope my opinions contributes to improving the documents.

Best regards,
Hidekazu Shimaji

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