[fdo-users] Requests for the FDO documents

Hidekazu Shimaji hshimaji at ybb.ne.jp
Mon Mar 5 07:54:45 EST 2007

Hello Greg,

I appreciate your reply.
It is difficult to craete a perfect document because it wastes much time.
I can help you to polish up the document.

> If you can recommend ho we can better leverage Doxygen, please
> let us know. We are open to all ideas.

I am sorry I have no idea about an automatic documentation.
I cannot help you with that.

Thank you again, and I am grad that my opinions can be of use.

With best regards,
Hidekazu Shimaji

--- Greg Boone <greg.boone at autodesk.com> wrote:

> Hi Hidekazu,
> Thank you for your comments. We are working on your first request to add
> namespace information. Shortly, I will be updating the online
> documentation at http://fdo.osgeo.org/documentation.html to reflect
> these changes. When the upload is complete you will see that the
> namespace documentation has been improved but it is not perfect. 
> We are currently using Doxygen to generate the managed API docs from the
> header file comments. While we have had fairly good success using this
> tool for the unmanaged API, we have encountered some difficulties in
> having the generated managed API documentation reflect our required
> content. I look forward to your continued feedback once the upload is
> complete. If you can recommend ho we can better leverage Doxygen, please
> let us know. We are open to all ideas.
> As for your second and third points, I will look into this and try and
> see what is possible to do.
> Greg
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> Hello,
> I have some requests for improving the FDO documents as a .NET
> developer.
> 1.Please add a namespace descripton to each class. (Managed FDO API
> Reference)
> Namespaces are important for .net programers.
> 2.Please add a description to the "Setup the Application Development
> Environment" 
> for C# or VB programes. (The Essential FDO)
> It is difficult for beginners to find "mgfdo.dll" to refer.
> 3.Please make the FDO API Reference downloadable, or installable with
> the MapGuide.
> This makes us work efficiently.
> I hope my opinions contributes to improving the documents.
> Best regards,
> Hidekazu Shimaji
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