[fdo-users] Re : weird issue

Ytse bill_gfr at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 7 09:56:45 EST 2007

Hum first of all, I'm not recieving mails from the mailing list any more, has something changed ??
I don't remember having ever marked this mail source as a spam and there's no trace of it in my spam box on yahoo
That's weird too :)

Back to my issue, you were saying :
"Hi, Haris is right, your precision and scale seem to be wrong (precision =9, scale=5).            Dan."

The p20/s20 come from the managed Providers\SHP\Managed\UnitTest\ProviderTests\Updatetests.cs::create_schema() in FDO sources.

Anyway the issue is the same (loosing the decimals) even if I add only one property other than FeatId from this code sample (the code attached to my previous mail contained all properties but I've tested featid + each property one by one (featid + id, featid + street, featid +birthday) and the result is always the same, all the later read attempts will get numbers without their decimals parts until I restart the web service.
I'm really stucked with this and need your help.

I've also noticed that if I create a new SHP file and add decimal data into it, the DBF file will be written with the french decimal separator (comma) instead of a dot, which will make the SHP file invalid. This made me try something else :

if I edit the SHP file and replace the dots by commas (french decimal separator), it will be interpreted as decimals ! 

It behaves as if the SHP file is handled like a string (double.parse and double.tostring take the culture into account) instead of binary.

If anyone can try and help me with this, thanks


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