[fdo-users] GeoJSON

Orest Halustchak orest.halustchak at autodesk.com
Thu Mar 15 11:00:35 EDT 2007


You might be interested in a discussion forming around a light weight
alternative to GML.

See: http://wiki.geojson.org/

JSON is "JavaScript Object Notation".

Here's an example from one of the wiki pages:

{ "features": [
    { "id": "alesia",
      "title": "Alesia",
      "classname": "settlement",
      "geometryType": "point",
      "spatialCoordinates": [[47.535, 4.478, 0.0]],
      "srs": "EPSG:4326",
      "center": [47.535, 4.478, 0.0]

The discussion list so far is empty.


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