[fdo-users] FDO component exception RDBMS

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Wed May 2 13:26:55 EDT 2007

Indeed you were right.  I believe I may have been using a version 4 dll, 
and it was being picked up in another directory.
To fix my specific problem, I copied the 'libmysql.dll' from my MySQL 
folder (Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\bin) and placed in \Program 
I also removed a copy of the dll that I had in my WINNT\System32 folder 
(another user had suggested I place a copy there).
The MySQL connection is now working properly.


"Brent Robinson" <brent.robinson at autodesk.com> 
05/02/2007 10:24 AM

<kgrootendorst at baird.com>

RE: [fdo-users] FDO component exception RDBMS

One case where this can happen is if the mysql client library 
(libmysql.dll) is version 4 or earlier. Due to some data types that are 
new to MySQL 5, a version 4 client can get the 
?Using unsupported buffer type? error when talking to a version 5 server.
If this is the case, then replacing libmysql.dll with a version 5 one 
should fix it. For a MapGuide installation, I?m not sure of the exact 
location if libmysql but someone else on the [fdo_users] group would 
likely know. 
If you?re sure you have the right version of libmysql, there?s also the 
chance that a libmysql from another directory is being picked up before 
it, depending on the current path.
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Using MGOS 1.1, FDO 3.2, MySQL 5.0.22, Win2000... 
When setting up a MySQL connection through Studio, I keep getting the 
following error:   
An exception occurred in FDO component.  RDBMS: Using unsupported buffer 
type: 0  (parameter: 1) 
Below is a dump from the server log.  Does anybody have any idea as to how 
to fix this? 

Error: An exception occurred in FDO component. 
        RDBMS: Using unsupported buffer type: 0  (parameter: 1) 
  - MgFeatureServiceHandler.ProcessOperation line 83 file 

  - MgOpTestFeatureSourceConnection.Execute line 103 file 

  - MgFdoConnectionManager.Open line 815 file 
       An exception occurred in FDO component. 
RDBMS: Using unsupported buffer type: 0  (parameter: 1) 

Thanks in advance. 

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