[fdo-users] newbie question reqarding fdopostgis and OGR

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed May 16 15:05:42 EDT 2007

Eric Davies wrote:
> I found a reference to a fdopostgis project.
> Would the same capabilities be present through fdo's OGR provider, since 
> OGR has Postgis support?
> In short, I'm trying to comprehend the motivation for having a 
> fdopostgis project.
> Can anybody shed some light?


The OGR FDO driver is limited in that all the FDO concepts have to 
transit the thinner API layer of OGR, so some things get squashed out in 
the process.  The fdopostgis driver is a native driver that uses libpq 
to talk to the database, and implements the FDO API directly.  This 
should allow it to be a bit more optimized, and to support more of the 
FDO features than the OGR driver.



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