[fdo-users] Fdo Postgis Autogenated identity property

Bruno Scott bscott at geomapgis.com
Fri Nov 16 06:26:14 EST 2007

Actually it is mandatory 
there is the piece of code where you can find the limitation:

void SchemaDescription::DescribeSchema(Connection* conn, FdoString*
        ////////////////// SET AUTO-GENERATED TO SINGLE COLUMN PK OF
INTEGRAL TYPE ////////////////// 
         // TODO: It is possible, that user connects to a datastore that was
not created 
         // with FDO, using ApplySchema command, so single column PRIMARY
         // of integral type, may not have associated sequence named
according scheme: 
         // <tablename>_<columnname>_seq 
         // The PostGIS provider uses such scheme to bind a sequence to PK
         // TODO: In future, it would be a good idea to automatically 
         // replace PK of integral type with serial data type, in
ApplySchema command. 
         FdoPtr<FdoDataPropertyDefinitionCollection> propsIdentity; 
         propsIdentity = featClass->GetIdentityProperties(); 
         if (1 == propsIdentity->GetCount()) 
             FdoPtr<FdoDataPropertyDefinition> propId =
             assert(NULL != propId); 
             if (FdoDataType_Int16 == propId->GetDataType()  
                 || FdoDataType_Int32 == propId->GetDataType() 
                 || FdoDataType_Int64 == propId->GetDataType()) 

With FDO it is possible to create a column with Primary = true and
autogenerate = false.
I think the PostGis provider should not do that assumption and let the user
manage the primary key
if the autogenerate flag is set to false.


christophe_geomap wrote:
> When i have only 1 identity property (int32), postgis provider set the
> property autogenerate.
> Is there a way to have 1 identity property (int32) without using a
> sequence or is there a ticket about this ?
> Thanks
> Christophe

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