[fdo-users] Using CircularArc in NEN1878 provider

Gavin Cramer gavin.cramer at autodesk.com
Mon Oct 1 09:32:38 EDT 2007

Hello, Piet.

Arcs can only appear as curve segments.  They do not actually derive
from FdoIGeometry.  To get an FdoIGeometry from an arc, add the
FdoICircularArcSegment to an FdoCurveSegmentCollection and then create a
FdoICurveString.  FdoICurveString is derived from FdoIGeometry.  The
unit tests have some examples of this, e.g. see CreateCurveString() in

If you are trying to involve the arc in a polygon rather than a curve,
you can use the FdoCurveSegmentCollection to create an FdoIRing instead.
One or more FdoIRing values can be use to create an FdoICurvePolygon.


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The NEN1878 provides info as a CircularArc. I'm capabale of creating a
FdoICircularArcSegment, but have difficulties returning the IGeometry*
it (or the FdoByteArray*).

Question: How do I convert a FdoICircularArcSegment into a FdoIGeometry*
FdoByteArray*? (for usage in the readers GetGeometry function)

Note: Turning the FdoICircularArcSegment into Geometry via Envelope
seem to work; or returning the 3 points as part of a CurveString. (But I
might be overlooking something)

Thanks in advance
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