[fdo-users] Exception Occurs When Connecting to MySQL

Alpha hy_nx at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Oct 7 04:00:22 EDT 2007


I'm a new user of the FDO. When I test the FDO MySql connection, a exception occurs. The exception message here: 

The runtime was not found (module LIBMYSQL.dll). Please verify your mysql client component installation.

I just follow the FDODevelopGuide. My IDE is Visual Studio 2005 and I have already set the environment variable PATH="...;D:\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\bin; E:\usrlib\FDO\debug\Bin;...". I tried to copy libmysql.dll to "E:\usrlib\FDO\debug\Bin", but it didn't work. please help me.

Thank you for advance.


@yahoo.cn ÐÂÓòÃû¡¢ÎÞÏÞÁ¿£¬¿ìÀ´ÇÀ×¢£¡ 
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