[fdo-users] PostGIS Provider

Gwenael Bachelot gwenael.bachelot at eur.autodesk.com
Tue Sep 11 05:54:59 EDT 2007


Before asking anything, I would like to introduce myself. I work for
Autodesk, as Geospatial Technical Specialist (pre sales) for France. 
I am not a developer, although I have done some C/C++/Java/asm x86 and
DSP 56x in previous jobs... let's say I am an advanced user.

I am also involved and active in the project of an OSGeo french local
chapter. I have been elected at the FR board, as Organization Committee
We aim at being an official local chapter soon (for sure before the end
of the year). You can find more infos (in french :-) on the project of
an OSGeo french local chapter at :

I have been a "passive" reader for months.

I would like to discuss on the native FDO PostGIS provider developed by
Mateusz Loskot.

I know there are binaries for release 3171 (april 2007), and also other
binaries provided recently by Jason Birch recently.
I tested these binaries on Map 3D 2008. I installed the VC++ package,
and add the postgres needed DLLs (found thanks to Depends) to FDO\Bin. 
Read works and I can check out features. But when I try to check in
modified features, Map 3D crashes. 
My understanding is that the PostGIS provider is an ongoing development.

But I would like to know if writing (updating geometries and attributes)
is in the scope ?

Finally, I write an official Autodesk blog (again in French :-) at
http://blogs.autodesk.com/geospatialfrance, and would like to post on
this native provider. 
There is a lot of interest for PostGIS in France, and there could be
some more testers after such a post. 
Is it too early to post on this provider ?


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