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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
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I would strongly suggest staying away from mixed-case identifiers at
this point unless you're really brave.  There are likely some unresolved
items in the provider, but there are also some underlying issues with
PostGIS not maintaining case of attributes in some spatial operations.


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First test was quite sucessful. Map 2008 displayed and themed (once PK
was defined), and same for MGE 2008. Last build I was unable to
visualize in MGE, though I could in Map. Additionally, attributes are
available also - though I guess that's obvious, since I could theme :)
I did NOT tried mixed case tablenames/columns yet.
Will move on to more exhaustive testing including editing geometry and
attribute values, as well as multiple records attached to a single
Again, thanks to all involved in developing this provider.


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Hi all,

To follow up:  I have uploaded a new build of the provider and linked to
it from the wiki page.


This version fixes some problems with unique cursor names and spatial
filters.  It should also fix the problem that Chuck was having with
insertion of geometries via Map 3D.

Additional testing of this provider and feedback is quite welcome.

Current tickets and instructions for adding new tickets are available on
the wiki page above.


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