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Brad Nesom kidsmake6 at msn.com
Sat Sep 15 22:38:09 EDT 2007

I agree Maksim,
  I asked for this to be repaired in the opposite direction in the arcsde
provider because my "vendor" decided that all fields would be Unicode. And
the provider didn't support that. BTW: Unicode numeric fileds don't change
the character set drastically) You need to be able to turn it on in your
schema. It would be nice if the providers had a mechanism to support it
either way. I don't really understand how you loaded your data. But I do
know that it is at the data load that it must occur. Field types schema
changes cannot occur on most rdbms's with data residing tin the field. And
then the provider needs to be able to handle it after that.

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Although I'm using Autodesk Map 3D 2007 platform, I do not use neither Map's
libraries nor tools to create/access schemas, perform entity
checkin/checkout, stylization, etc. I developed my own set of tools and
functions to do that apart of Map's engine, using either Autodesk's or OSGeo
(native) FDO 3.2 providers available. Neverthless, my meta-model is fully
compatible with Map's.

As far as I can see, Map's MS SQL provider is responsible for this Unicode
problem. I'm new to MS SQL. Frankly, I don't want to mess with RDBMS layer
since it's FDO's business after all :-) Obviously, someone (for some reason)
decided to map String type to MS SQL's varchar type instead of nvarchar.
Now, despite the fact that Autodesk finally supports Unicode - I still can't
use it due to Autodesk's MS SQL FDO provider implementation decision. Bah

Maksim Sestic

bradgisoklah wrote:
> ...
> I assume you are using the autodesk fdo schema products to create your
> schema. You will probably have to log a support incident with autodesk on
> the product you used to create the schema in mssql (map 3d?). It may be a
> matter of modidfying the schema and then reloading the data. Everything I
> can find mentions that changing the schema is most likely going to break
> the
> metadata link. In other words the data and the metadata will be out of
> sync.
> Perhaps explaining/describing what tools you used to create the schema and
> load the data would help.
> The autodesk support site is down for maint this morning so I am not
> getting
> much help from that. I did find the following... it may be a useful
> contact
> for you.
> http://discussion.autodesk.com/thread.jspa?threadID=523657
> Brad

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