[fdo-users] How does FDO handle invalid fgf geometries?

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Thu Aug 21 11:08:33 EDT 2008

It gives freedom of implementation to the provider writer. Internally the provider can use the FDO geometry stuff, but it doesn't have to.

Also, we can disagree on what is a reasonable amount of validation, depending on the underlying format. For example, while Oracle may not like polygons with self-intersections, SHP, SDF and SQLite don't give a shit and will accept it.


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> Traian Stanev wrote:
> > Hi guys,
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> > I think it also depends on the specific provider, not just on what
> FDO does.
> Traian,
> Knowing nothing about the rationale and background of delegating
> geometry validation to providers, I'd say it's strange.
> Geometry and FGF processing component is a part of FDO core but not
> provider. So, moving validation responsibility to providers?
> Not to mention it causes situation that leads to reinventing the wheel
> in many places.
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