[fdo-users] SDE Provider on SDO_GEOM ?

Brad Nesom kidsmake6 at msn.com
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I have not done any programming but use the map 2009 interface exclusively
in the same situation (SDE 9.2 sp3 and keyword SDO) you are talking about
and have seen, cases where once the feature is selected and checked out, at
some point it cannot be checked back in. then after restarting map the
feature cannot be accessed properly and map has a message something like
"feature in edit set cannot be written". It takes some playing around with
it to get the feature either deleted or back to where it will check in.

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I am seeing an issue where using an ArcSDE connection to an SDE server (on
Oracle) is OK for an instance where the underlying geometry is SDEGEOM


a connection to the same server on a different instance with underlying
native Oracle SDO_GEOM gives an error in the feature reader (below) despite
a successful connection and ability to query the schema.

Whilst I would prefer a direct Oracle connection when there is SDO_GEOM some
clients would rather manage all traffic via SDE.  Has anyone else seen this?

Is SDO_GEOM under SDE supported for the provider?


Message: Stream free failed.
StackTrace:    at OSGeo.FDO.Commands.Feature.ISelectImp.Execute()

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