[fdo-users] List of PostGIS tickets we are working on

Bruno Scott bscott at geomapgis.com
Fri Feb 1 08:50:15 EST 2008

Hi greg
Our unit test are run on AutoCAD Map 3D and Mapguide OpenSource /
So it will work for sure in map after all the fixes.
One of the things we are not addressing for the moment, is the
LongTransaction support.


gregboone wrote:
> Hi Bruno,
> Within Autodesk we have started a PostGIS Provider evaluation process to
> try and determine the scope of the changes that will be required to make
> the provider usable is products such as AutoCAD Map and AutoCAD MapGuide.
> Once the evaluation is complete, we will forward the results to you.
> Greg
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> Bruno Scott wrote:
>> This is the list of ticket we will fix for sure
>> #94   Generate extent for features assigned to default spatial context
>> #106  PostGIS provider cannot delete a feature class
>> #108  ApplySchema does not support M and Z dims for PostGIS
>> #119  PostGIS missing quotes for columns in queries
>> #121  PostGIS extents calculations do not appear to be working
>> #171  Fdo Postgis Autogenated identity property is mandatory
>> #178  PostGIS : Can't insert in a non-feature class
>> #232  Fdo Postgis null and not null filter does not work
>> #233  Fdo Postgis in and not in filter does not work
>> #234  Fdo Postgis currently does not support anything but lowercase
>> identifiers
>> #235  Fdo Postgis Exception with insert
>> #236  Fdo Postgis does not support non spatial classes
>> #241  Implement Support for SelectAggregates, SpatialExtents and Count
> Bruno,
> I'd like to thank you so much for helping in development of the PostGIS
> provider. That's fantastic. If there is anything unclear or you will
> need assistance regarding current codebase of the PostGIS provider,
> please don't hesitate to contact me directly (Skype: mloskot)
> or here on the list (though I'm not reading it carefully ATM).
>> Not sure about these one
>> #122 Add PostGIS Samples to SVN
> This is low-priority task and I think I'm the only one who can fix it.
>> #120 PostGIS ungracefully handles structural problems in a database
> This ticket is about inventing a way to detect and report low-level
> problems like missing missing columns or missing postgis installation,
> etc. in user-friendly way.
>> #117 PostGIS provider does not display attribute names in MapGuide when
>> no
>> PK present
> I'm not sure about this one too.
> Jason, I'm not sure what does the "not available for display as
> properties" mean. Where is the "display"? Display as label or some
> MapGuide widgest/boxes, or in MapStudio?
>> We have our own unit test engine that does a lot of stuf,
>> For the moment we can't really go in deep because of too much tickets
>> Once we will have these repaired we will find others for sure and we will
>> fix them...
> Bruno, I'm very thankful for your contributions!
> I'll be back to the PostGIS provider development as soon as I have my
> study issues done, hopefully within a few weeks.
> Best regards
> --
> Mateusz Loskot
> http://mateusz.loskot.net
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