[fdo-users] InCondition on Select not working as expected

Chris Erickson chris at spatialdatatech.com
Mon Jan 28 17:02:58 EST 2008

I'm trying to pull a specific set of records out of a table (In MySQL) using
an InCOndition and an ISelect command.

I'm getting an error 'Expected object or association property' when I call
ISelect->Execute(), and am not sure why.

Here is a code snippet:

		//_connection is a MySql 3.2 connection
		//_featureClass is a FeatureClass
		//SelectByAttribute is a DataProperty (of _featureClass)
		//values is a DotNet List<string>

		ISelect command =

            command.Filter = new
InCondition(selectByAttribute.QualifiedName, values.ToArray());

            _dataReader = command.Execute(); // <-- this line gives
"Expected object or association property" exception


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