[fdo-users] List of PostGIS tickets we are working on

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Jan 31 11:24:54 EST 2008

> > #120 PostGIS ungracefully handles structural problems in a database

> This ticket is about inventing a way to detect and report
> low-level problems like missing missing columns or missing
> postgis installation, etc. in user-friendly way.

In this case the user had a geometry column specified in the postgis
metadata table that did not actually exist in the feature table.  This
is probably fairly low-priority, but it should throw an exception when
it runs into this kind of problem, rather than just crashing out.

> > #117 PostGIS provider does not display attribute names in MapGuide
when no
> > PK present

> Jason, I'm not sure what does the "not available for display as 
> properties" mean. Where is the "display"? Display as label or some 
> MapGuide widgest/boxes, or in MapStudio?

What, you expect me to remember? ;)

I believe that when trying to create a layer based on a PostGIS table
with no primary key, the attributes were not available in Studio at
all... they could not be selected for display, etc.  This may be a
MapGuide limitation rather than a PostGIS limitation though?


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