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Gavin Cramer gavin.cramer at autodesk.com
Fri Mar 7 16:15:35 EST 2008

Hi, Dennis.  Sorry for the delay.  Yes, trying to create CurveStrings is a good test, and easy since both the Ring and CurveString types are created from a CurveStringCollection.

While text conversions can hide small floating point drift, I can see some drift in your first case.  The last X value is -9.50149754820001, with that trailing 0001 being drift.  This CurveString would probably return false in its "IsClosed" method.  Overriding the last XY ordinates (using the first ones) used to create the geometry should fix this.


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I am able to create a CurveString from all of my test cases. Using the same
collection to CreateRing fails.

The following is the Text.

CURVESTRING (-9.5014975482 57.7478735875 (LINESTRINGSEGMENT (19.6461752358
74.8512708505), CIRCULARARCSEGMENT (22.7050279997 77.8811849788,
91.0301601151), LINESTRINGSEGMENT (-25.6946492068 67.4552071463),
CIRCULARARCSEGMENT (-29.4810738917 63.7107055978, -9.50149754820001

CURVESTRING (8.47147613 18.3352938846 (CIRCULARARCSEGMENT (11.6905692648
19.1572633102, 10.8858122466 31.3151724971), CIRCULARARCSEGMENT
31.7056728291, 8.47147613 18.3352938846)))

CURVESTRING (61.9192385091 10.2621902206 (LINESTRINGSEGMENT (55.2181323514
1.4697652754), LINESTRINGSEGMENT (70.4772774943 4.8576720598),
CIRCULARARCSEGMENT (67.476657509 8.4619402206, 61.9192385091

Does this help at all?


Hello again, Dennis.  That comparison of Point2D objects may call code that
includes internal distance calculations and comparisons with tolerances.
The definitive test would be to check the X and Y ordinates directly.


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