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Jonio, Dennis (Aviation) DJonio at miami-airport.com
Thu Mar 13 06:55:48 EDT 2008

Now I am impressed! Anything at anytime - professional courtesy is yours
for the asking.

As it has worked out it is not so bad. Since I am "geometrically
challenged" (or was that "challenged geometrically"), I did some more
"experimenting" with Autodesks: 
Interval interval_of_arc = ca2d.GetInterval();
double length_of_arc = ca2d.GetLength(0.0, interval_of_arc.Element);
and have managed to put together a nice method. (Equidistant points at
each whole length unit)

>From my perspective the only issue that MAY exist is this "floating
point drift" stuff. For us here at MIA, Map3d's definition of
"closedness" is good enough.  

Yes, it is winter here in Miami also. It is only supposed to get to 81
today. Brrrrr .... :-)


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Hi, Dennis.   Being on vacation means that my time is my own.  Besides,
this is a diversion from shovelling snow here in wintery Ottawa.  :-)

Tessellating to a LineString seems like a bit much to get around this
glitch.  I think that I can get the necessary environment operational to
reproduce your problem.  I looked in the case file and found several
versions of your project.  The first one built for me with simple path
changes.  However, the most recent  version has a vsproj file appears to
be missing the AcMPolygonMGD reference, which I am also having trouble
adding.  My .NET skills are very rusty.  I'll let you know if I get that
going later today.  I might need a patched file from you.


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I hesitated to respond yesterday since you are on vacation and I had to
noodle through my approach to this issue anyway. For me your last post
brought me closure on the current state of FDO and those "curvee
However, I am still not sure of what approach I should take. I am
toward the good'ol, tryed and true linearstring approach. I have been
that for a couple years now. (back then I think I used AGF ...
whatever). I
talked to my users yesterday and they are kinda' sorta' OK with an
"emulated" arc approach. When a round-trip is needed they are willing to
deal with those "mini-lines". I will have to build some test cases for
but from their perspective anything is better than the tedium that I put
them through today ... maybe we take a little step instead of a big one.

Sorry for that slight digression. I take your recommendation to heart
and as
time permits will look into the FDO component myself.

You have a great vacation!

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