[fdo-users] Basic FDO questions.

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Regarding spatial contexts, the active spatial context is not used and is deprecated. The spatial context association on raster and geometric properties is the correct way to associate these properties. All geometry and raster is returned using the coordinate system described in the associated spatial context. Spatial filters used in expressions need to be in the spatial context of the geometry property being filtered.


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And question #7

7) Spatial contexts, this one I cant seem to grasp.  The get spatial context
command returns all the available contexts.  The active spatial context,
does this apply to just intersect filters, and setting bounds on rasters, or
is all info retrieved via the schema in the current active spatial context?
and if i set a new spatial context as active, is all spatial data from the
provider reprojected to match.
Also how does this relate to the spatial context association on raster and
geometric properties, can rasters from the same schema have different
spatial contexts?


ssakharov wrote:
> Hey all,
> I am in the process of evaluating FDO for my gis application.  I am stuck
> with C#, so thankfully FDO has Managed bindings.  So far I have been
> playing with the WMS provider, and mostly with success.  But i cant seem
> to find answer for some questions, hopefully you guys can help me out
> here.  Most of my questions revolve around the WMS provider as its the
> only one I ve played with so far.
> 1) Can i get access to all the layers meta properties, so far using the
> jpl and metacarta WMS servers i can only seem to ever get 2 properties, i)
> the id, and ii) the raster property.  Is this just cause the WMS servers I
> am hitting don't provide any more properties?  Also the abstract that most
> WMS servers provide?
> 2) The WMS provider seems to support reprojecting, (through the override
> raster definition, but i havent tested this yet) I imagine this is cause
> WMS in general support reprojecting, do the other providers support this?
> 3) I dont understand the abstract feature i get in the WMS schema's, this
> is probably just my stupidity.
> 4) Is there a significant performance hit in general using FDO.
> 5) Has anyone written more tutorial info for FDO, i find my self looking
> to the unit tests for info.
> 6) Do any of the spatial db providers, provide support for rasters in the
> db, or just geometry?

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