[fdo-users] .net Wrapper quirks

Clayton Hotson clayton.hotson at autodesk.com
Thu Mar 27 11:05:43 EDT 2008

I've seen this as well - I could never quite pin this down, but I *believe* that the FDO wrappers are not disposing of their underlying unmanaged resources in the correct order - and that this problem will occur when the garbage collector comes around - hence the pseudo-randomness.  I've only ever seen this on reasonably large datasets, and only after a few minutes' time.  Is this what you are seeing as well?


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Good to see that I'm not alone here. I was reading from OSGeo.OGR and
executing IInserts into OSGeo.SDF

I find it strange that the FDO managed API is randomly unstable whereas the
MapGuide managed API is near rock-solid, when they are both essentially
wrappers to native code.

- Jackie

Maksim Sestic wrote:
> Oh, I just noticed that my ticket was posted into MapGuide NG:
> http://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/ticket/323
> So, it's definately up to FDO, not MG.
> Jackie, what's the FDO provider you were using?
> Regards,
> Maksim Sestic
> Jackie Ng wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've been writing .net code that copies data from one FDO connection to
>> another (Doing a series of IInsert::Execute() calls from an
>> IFeatureReader ). In my adventures using the FDO .net wrapper, I have
>> encountered the following problems at random:
>> - System.AccessViolationExceptions ("Attempted to read or write protected
>> memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt") thrown
>> at OSGeo.FDO.Runtime.Disposable.Finalize() (Target Site: void
>> ReleaseUnmanagedObject() )
>> - C++ pure virtual function call errors.
>> - Memory allocation failed errors.
>> Is there some quirks with the .net wrapper that I should be aware of? As
>> OSGeo.FDO.Runtime.Disposable implements IDisposable, I've been wrapping
>> nearly every FDO object used inside using() blocks. Could this be a
>> cause?
>> I am using .net wrappers for FDO 3.3.0
>> - Jackie

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