[fdo-users] .net Wrapper quirks

Jonio, Dennis (Aviation) DJonio at miami-airport.com
Fri Mar 28 06:36:21 EDT 2008


I did not mean to get things off track here. I was just curious. Based
upon the error you posted earlier this is clearly a FDO problem. Most of
the garbage collection methods deal with the managed side so they will
be of no real help in resolving the issue. (You could watch the memory
consumption as it dies it's death from ... the Release Of Unmanaged
Object ... :-)
As I see it, about all you could do from the managed side is "pin" the
offending object via "fixed" and see what happens and now you are
getting into "unsafe" blocks of code and really ... that is more than
likely not the problem anyway .. doesn't at all fix anything.

Hopefully the FDO folks will play nice and fix the problem.

Sorry for the intrusion.


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I was "trusting" the managed API to do its thing (not unreasonable to
ask). I
do not know enough about native - managed interop in .net to know how to
properly utilise System.GC, could you perhaps enlighten me? ;-)

- Jackie

djonio wrote:
> Howdy,
> I am not familiar with this issue but I do find it very interesting.
> Have any of you used any of the System.GC methods( i.e.
> System.GC.KeepAlive method,  System.GC.Collect method) during your
> process'? I wonder if they would have effect?
> Br,
> dennis
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