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gmclean at gorge.net gmclean at gorge.net
Mon Oct 20 17:58:17 EDT 2008

Thanks Romy,

I downloaded the patch and coped the 4 files to the
FDO\bin folder. The file versions are now:

ArcSDEProvider.dll =
ArcSDEProvider92.dll =
ArcSDEProvider91.dll =
ArcSDEMessage.dll =

Is that correct? I am still getting the same error

DBMS table not found(-37)
State info list could not be retrieved.


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 Hi George,

There is a patch for Map2008 and ArcSDE provider
using 92 server.
The fix is not under Windows SDK its under "Patches"
- Ticket #294 



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I am working through my first attempt to use the
ArcSDE provider.

I am connecting through Autocad Map 2008 to an ArcSDE
system running SQL
Server. In the data provider, I am able to log in and
see one data
store. I get an error message when I attempt to get
the version list.
The error states

-37 DMBS table not found


State info list could not be retrieved

I am not sure how to determine what table is missing.
Any suggestions?

This data store was set up by the GIS Administrator
for my client and
currently has no GIS data loaded. I am hoping I can
move data and table
defmitions from a MySQL data store to the ArcSDE
datastore through
Autocad's Bulc Copy. Will this work?


George McLean
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