[fdo-users] Create an FdoFeatureClass?

Jackie Ng jumpinjackie at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 11:35:18 EDT 2009

If you execute another FdoIDescribeSchema afterwards does your new class appear?

- Jackie

It came from an FdoIDescribeSchema (on the same provider). 

1. get schemas
FdoPtr<FdoIDescribeSchema> describeSchemaCommand = (FdoIDescribeSchema*) (FdoConnectionObject->CreateCommand(FdoCommandType_DescribeSchema));
FdoFeatureSchemaCollection* schemaCollection = describeSchemaCommand->Execute();

2. set schema
mFeatureSchema= schemaCollection->GetItem(name)

3. create class
FdoFeatureClass* newClass = FdoFeatureClass::Create(fdoname,fdoname);
FdoPropertyDefinitionCollection* dataProperties = newClass->GetProperties();
// a number of times:
FdoDataPropertyDefinition* fdpd = FdoDataPropertyDefinition::Create(key,key);

4. add class
FdoClassCollection* collection = mFeatureSchema->GetClasses();
FdoSchemaElementState state = mFeatureSchema->GetElementState(); // shows modified!
mFeatureSchema->AcceptChanges(); // should not be necessary according to documentation

// test
FdoClassCollection* collection = mFeatureSchema->GetClasses(); // shows one more class!

5. apply
FdoPtr<FdoIApplySchema> applySchema;
applySchema = (FdoIApplySchema*) (FdoConnectionObject->CreateCommand(FdoCommandType_ApplySchema));

No execptions are thrown, but my database stays the same. I would have expected a new table to show up.

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