AW: [fdo-users] FDO 3.4 final broke my toolbox

Aaron Pieler pieler at
Fri Apr 17 04:14:45 EDT 2009

A little hint would be: DELAYLOAD
I'm currently not sure if this was introduced between RC1 and Final. You
have to look at the subversion log.
But I had the same problem a few weeks ago.
I added the path where the binaries are to the environment-variable PATH.
For example in .NET:
            string varPath =
            varPath = String.Concat(varPath, ";", fdoBinariesLocation);

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Okay, the exceptions occur when I have the FDO binaries in a folder that
doesn't have the FDO Toolbox binaries (default is the "FDO" subdirectory of
the FDO Toolbox directory). If I move the binaries into the main directory
(with the FDO Toolbox binaries) things work.

So the real problem is I can no longer load FDO binaries from a directory of
my choice, I can only do it from the [application directory].

How could this be?

- Jackie

Hi All,

I've upgraded the FDO binaries in FDO Toolbox from 3.4 RC1 to 3.4 final and
now I always get a System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException thrown
whenever I try to get an IProviderRegistry or IConnectionManager reference
from the FeatureAccessManager.

The stack traces I get are:

System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException: External Component has thrown
an exception

at FdoFeatureAccessManager.GetConnectionManager() [or
at OSGeo.FDO.ClientServices.FeatureAccessManager.GetConnectionManager() [or
at [whatever method that tries to obtain an IProviderRegistry or
IConnectionManager reference]

Since these two interfaces are basically the gateway to the rest of the FDO
API, FDO Toolbox with 3.4 final binaries is currently broken as it is.

Any ideas?

- Jackie

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