[fdo-users] Compiling FDO 3.4.0 on Ubuntu 8.04

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Apr 20 13:38:35 EDT 2009

Is Bash available on all modern Linux?  I remember working on Unix platforms where it wasn't.

This isn't a question of the shell the user has set (I use tcsh myself), just the operating system's default sh.

Pointing to /bin/sh is supposed to give you a safe, posix-compliant shell.  IMO, Ubuntu is doing the wrong thing by pointing to dash be default.  I'm not sure that explicitly pointing to bash is the answer, but I'm not au-courant with Linux.


From: Traian Stanev
Sent: April-20-09 9:35 AM
Subject: RE: [fdo-users] Compiling FDO 3.4.0 on Ubuntu 8.04

Can't we just change the build .sh files to refer to !/bin/bash at the top instead of !/bin/sh? This would make it unambiguous which shell needs to execute them, even if the user is using a shell other than bash as their default shell (all those korn and C shell users out there, heh).
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