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Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
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I think all changes at this point, and their proposed solution, should be nominated for inclusion and discussed on the internals site. We have to consider what level of testing would be required to ensure that the proposed changes work as intended. Up until this point we have benefitted from the fact that the Autodesk folks have been QA'ing our builds as a part of their upcoming releases of MapGuide, etc. From my understanding they will not be able to test FDO beyond build G044. Any changes we make will have to be QA'ed by OSGeo members and guarantees made that ensure the change is working as intended and does not break any previous functionality.


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> At this point only stop-ship issues should be nominated for

Does this mean that at this point you would be adverse to the change in
the SQL Server Spatial provider proposed in #469?  I feel that this may
be a minor change that could have a large benefit to SQL Server Spatial
users, but don't know enough about whether this would break binary


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