[fdo-users] FDO Compile error (libxalan-c)

kernel_panic sudoaptgetinstalld00d3 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 13:41:23 EST 2009


build_oem.sh succeeded!!!

Implanning to write a how-to once I double-check everything from a
clean install, but I cant quite say "victory" so far...

when I run the ./configure script, I find that there arent ANY
Makefile.in files on any folder... so I have to manually search, copy,
paste and rerun the script to tell me which Makefile.in is missing and

I think this is a serious mistake, why werent they, eiher genereated
while building OEM or by the devs in charge...

I think this could be called a "reggresion" because the latest stable
mapguide traball didnt have this problem, and in fact, Im copying the
.in files from the tarball... but they're simply TOO MUCH of them :p:p

Can someone fix the makefile.in issue? :p:p

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