[fdo-users] FDO Compile error (libxalan-c)

kernel_panic sudoaptgetinstalld00d3 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 00:04:12 EDT 2009

> Are you compiling MapGuide trunk or 2.0 branch?  I believe that 2.0
> was built against FDO 3.3, 2.1 against FDO 3.4 and trunk builds
> against 3.5.

Im compiling mapguide, so far the problems that I have
faced are old ones, from old versions.

Id like to compile the latest mapguide beta, but the linux tarball
appears as "TBD" and there is no download link.

However, I want to solve this problem, because on the whole wide web,
I havent found a solution, and I dont want people to be in my
situation: problems with no solutions.

This is not a new problem, and I think that it has nothing to do with
being a fdo3.5/mapgude2.0.2 issue, as you can see from my previous
post, linking to another one who reflects a similar problem

Sure, lots of people have installed mapguide on both windows and
linux, and perhaps they havent had this issues, but for those who have
problems, whatever gets posted on these mail lists could be really a
savior, even lifechanging (I cant tell you why, but trust me!)

> I wonder if the cmake install option defaults to installing the
> providers, or if it only installs fdo core?
> Jason

AFAIK (and AFAICS :P) it also installs the providers that you want. By
default, its only fdo core, but with the "-DWITH=<provider>" argument,
you instruct the cmake to include the desired provider

> I'm not a linux user, but I don't mind flailing around :)

Hey, any help is appreciated! :)

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