AW: [fdo-users] AutoCAD Map 3d 2011 PostgreSQL FDO-ProviderConnection to PostGreSQL-8.4.3-1 PostGIS 1.4.2 fails

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Hi Greg,
Thanks for your reply.
In the FDO PostgreSQL connection dialog window of AutoCAD map 3d 2011 service is defined as host:port (localhost:5432). In the FDO Toolbox PostgreSQL connection dialog window service is defined wíth database at host:port (gisdb at localhost:543)
When I copy the ssleay32.dll and the libeay32.dll from the ....\PostgreSQL\8.4\bin directory in the ...\FDO\bin directory the FDOPostGreSQL Provider connection dialog in AutoCAD Map 3d 2011
results in the message that the connection is not possible.
When the dlls are copied in C:\windows\system32 the connection to the PostgreSQL-8.4.3-1 PostGIS 1.4.2 works.


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>From a previous post:



The PostgreSQL provider handles the connection a bit differently [than the PostGIS Provider]. It maps the FDO datastore to a PostgreSQL database, and then exposes all the schemas that are present. Try the following for service and datastore:


objConnProp.SetProperty("Service", < server:port>) objConnProp.SetProperty("DataStore", <DBName>)


A fix was made to the trunk to improve the connection error message (show the error generated by the PostgreSQL server). However, this will not show up until the next version after FDO 3.5


Are you setting Service and DataStore properly?

Are the PostgreSQL client binaries in the same directory as the FDO DLLs?




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Dear List, 

With the PostgreSQL FDO Provider in AutoCAD Map 3d 2011 I am not able to connect to a 
PostGreSQL-8.4.3-1 PostGIS 1.4.2 database 

The service is on localhost:5432 or 


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